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School Sites:

Bruns Elementary, Merry Oaks International Academic Montclaire Elementary Movement Charter, and Niner University Elementary. 

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The Greater Enrichment Program is an afterschool program that is licensed by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and was ranked the number one reading tutorial program in the Supplemental Education Services Division by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in 2010. GEP contributes to and improves the student's academic performance, social and emotional health, and safety. The program also focuses on community engagement and service.



GEP staff members, community volunteers, community partners, and parents all work together to meet the diverse needs of our children in the program. GEP also has a board of directors, which serves as the policymaking and management body of the program.


Program staff members are carefully selected, trained and qualified professionals who currently work in the field of education. Each staff member serves as a positive role model and must respect and provide positive encouragement to every student. 


Each program site has an on-site director, classroom associates and volunteers from the community.



GEP helps to improve students' proficiency in literacy, math and science. Students engage in Teacher Directed Activities (TDA), which are fun activities that focus on skills needed to meet North Carolina Common Core Standards.



Homework assistance and tutoring are provided to GEP participants. Students receive individual and small-group instruction to help them develop problem-solving skills and improve their performance in the classroom. Our tutors use a variety of instructional tools, including games and audio-visual aids.



Community volunteers serve as mentors to our children, helping them build positive self-esteem, confidence and character to achieve their personal best in their schools and community.



GEP provides limited free transportation to participants residing in designated transportation areas. Designated transportation areas are normally within a limited area around the program site. Parents must apply for transportation at the time of program registration.



"The best way to make children good is to make them happy."

- Oscar Wilde

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